Who is American Energy Outfitters?

American Energy Outfitters was founded in 2021 by Brad and Lauren Westwood. Our mission is to promote and outfit the men and women working in and supporting the American energy industry. We know the American dream is powered by the dedicated individuals producing, moving, refining, and innovating our domestic energy industry - from oil and gas to renewables and other alternative energies.
We strive to create and provide premium-quality apparel to showcase and proudly display our passion for energy. Our goal is to supply the energy industry with clothing that promote these ideals in a fashionable and stylish way. We endeavor to create apparel to include, but not limited to, casual wear t-shirts, hats, stickers, patches and flame retardant workwear, flame resistant workwear, utility clothing, hardhat accessories, high-visibility clothing, and more! Stay tuned for our growth and the growth of our product line!

About Lauren and Brad:

Lauren has been in the oil and gas industry more than seven years. Lauren graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor's in Public Relations. Lauren started her career in oil and gas as the Editor-in-Chief at SHALE Magazine. After several years in that role, Lauren took the Vice President role at The Austin-Montana Project where she works hand-in-hand with various energy service companies to create business opportunities and strengthen visibility within the energy and related industries. Also the immediate past President of the Women's Energy Network (WEN) South Texas and is currently serving as an officer on the San Antonio Pipeliners Association (SAPA) board, Lauren works extensively with energy associations and non-profits to further their respective missions. Lauren's hobbies include travel and spending time with family.

Brad is currently serving in the United States Air Force National Guard. He has served on active duty orders overseas in support of Operation Inherent Resolve and has also aided local and federal law enforcement and disaster relief agencies in Tier 1 State Emergencies. Brad is a Staff-Sergeant with six years of Law Enforcement experience in Security Forces and two years of experience as a Weapons instructor and armorer in Combat Arms Training and Maintenance (CATM). Brad also adopted a hobby of graphic design, doing freelance work before taking the leap of becoming an entrepreneur. Brad's hobbies also include traveling and outdoor sports such as football and motocross racing.
Brad and Lauren together started their entrepreneurship with a clothing brand called Staux, a premium outdoor apparel company, which still operates. After extensive research and self-learning every detail about the retail and apparel industry, they started American Energy Outfitters LLC.

History of the Logo

America has been around since 1776. Make no mistake, the "Betsy Ross" flag came first. Betsy Ross was a seamstress in Philadelphia and was asked by George Washington, Robert Morris, and George Ross in May 1776 to create out flag. This flag consisted of 13 stars and 13 stripes. The stars symbolized superiority as they were taken from the sky, the white stripes symbolized separation from the home country and the red symbolized the British color. Additionally, the 13 stripes resembled the original 13 colonies during the Revolutionary War, whereas the 13 stars also resembled the colonies but the greater resemblance was the idea that they replaced the British Union.

Make no mistake, the logo you see above does not have 13 stripes, nor does it have 13 stars. This is not an American Flag. This is the American Energy Flag. When creating our flag logomark, we wanted to emphasize the resemblance of America - freedom.

As you can see, the flag has an oil drop with 12 stars similar to the "Betsy Ross" flag. We put the oil drop to resemble the oil industry, and the 13th star is missing because the oil drop is covering it. We used the "Betsy Ross" style of the circular stars to resemble the American heritage - and the history oil's longstanding role as the backbone of our country. 

    We don't just represent one type of energy. Here at American Energy Outfitters, we represent all types of energy. We know oil and natural gas has been and will continue to be the primary source of our energy consumption. As new and old alternative energies take their spot in the support functions of our energy needs we seek to unify and educate on the importance of energy within the American communities. 

    We use our flag logomark as a distinction within our apparel, social media, and website. You will see our flag on almost every sleeve of every apparel item. You will also see our typeface logo throughout the rest of our Brand. Our hope is this logo will define a generation of energy workers, united and passionate about their respective roles in the health, safety and prosperity of our great nation!