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2021 Energy Spike Volleyball Tournament: Register Now!

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have partnered with The Austin-Montana Project to co-host our very first event: The 2021 Energy Spike Volleyball Tournament! A portion of the proceeds raised will be used to make a donation to the Women's Energy Network South Texas scholarship fund. The tournament is taking place in San Antonio at the Sideliners Grill on September 17, 2021.

You're not going to want to miss out on this event! It's going to feature friendly competition and awesome networking in addition to food and drinks. And each player will be given complimentary swag to wear at the tournament! We have sponsorships and tickets available and open for purchase - so check out the site and sign up soon! And as an extra Launch Day goodie - purchase a ticket or sponsorship of the Energy Spike tournament and we'll automatically take 15% off your American Energy Outfitters apparel!

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Powering Our Lives

American energy promotes national security, healthy economy, innovative technologies, and improves our lives on a daily basis. From cell phones to homes, every aspect of our day is touched by an essential American energy worker. American Energy Outfitters celebrates the men and women who work in the industry singlehandedly powering our lives!


We partnered our company with American Energy Outfitters because they created a pro-energy message which is crucial in today's modern society. Additionally, American Energy Outfitters is essential to the industry because they provide high-quality clothing for you to wear on and off-duty. They are definitely the go-to company for workwear attire. They are there every step of the way with your order and explain in detail what everything means so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Jenny N. @ The Austin-Montana Project

I know it's hard to try out a new brand of clothing because it was hard for me when I put American Energy Outfitters in my shopping cart. When my clothing arrived, I never looked back. This is by far the best brand I've ever come across! They easily compete with the top brands like Nike and Under Armour! Already stocking up to get the whole family in these clothes!

Kym B. @ SHALE Magazine